Waiting for Putney is a blog dedicated to analyzing literature and politics in its historical context, and using such insights to render the movements and issues of modernity more clearly. I am a graduate assistant with an interest in early modern English literature, specifically in puritan political tracts from authors such as John Milton and Gerrard Winstanley, and puritan literature in general from authors such as John Bunyan and Lucy Hutchinson. My posts will, however, include other literary movements that lend themselves particularly well to a Marxist heuristic. This blog will also include political criticism.

What to expect: The posts on this blog go back to my undergraduate career, where I practiced my writing style with non-prompted papers on topics I was particularly interested in. Currently, most of the posts you’ll find here will be short pieces on issues within English literature, history, and politics that I find worth writing about. There will also be summaries and workshop writing on topics I’m preparing for publication.

On the name of the blog: A series of debates were held at Putney subsequent to the victory of the Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War between the radicalizing New Model and their leaders, among them Cromwell. The debates encompassed both pay grievances and proto-socialist speeches on equality and struggle. Ergo, blogging for me, is waiting for Putney.

PSA: Some of the content posted here was used for academic classes, but not most. It goes without saying that one should not pass off what is written here for their own work. That, naturally, would be stealing “the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.” (Milton, Areopagitica) Plus, all this material can be found via Google search. Your chances of going undetected are very slim.


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